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Day 2 - ESN HSE Welcoming Party

The ESN HSE Welcoming Party

Day 2 - Moscow orientation

First day orientation sessions The first day we were in Moscow we had to attend the HSE orientation day for foreign students. This was my second trip to the Metro station since arriving in Russia. I bought my first Troika card (москва Тройка) and off we went to what I would later learn is the heart of HSE campus, Myasnitskaya street at Turgenevskaya station.

The Troika card is what is used everywhere for public transportation and can thus be swiped to ride the Metro train or the bus.

This is the map of the city center where the HSE main building is located. Most of our first day of orientation was spent walking around here.

The first say three days I was in Moscow was the furthest I've ever willingly just walked to look at things. By the end of the first week, we were dead tired.

That first day or two I checked my Google Fit app I had walked on average about 10kms a day! Highlights from my first day This is the main street Myasnitskaya. 

From the main street, we walked past a lot…