Flight Day - SA to Moscow

Flight Day - SA to Moscow

The 27th of August I packed for my flight. I started packing and then realized that I was probably going to need a second suitcase so we drove down to the Checkers Hyper and bought a second case. I packed everything and then repacked it because as predicted that giant bottle of Ms. Balls Chutney pushed me 1 kg over the weight limit and sadly had to be left at home.

Packing the car at home

The night before the great packing for Moscow we were still trying to dry my clothes because with my luck it rained the entire weekend before my flight with bad weather predicted up to one day after my departure. So absolutely nothing would dry. These socks were toasted in front of the little fan heater and turned periodically to ensure an even cook.

Trying to dry my socks in front of the heater

I spent hours at the airport with my family waiting for this international flight to depart. I paid two separate Mugg and Bean waitresses for the bottomless tea I refilled 10 times and the chips I had to eat because you can only drink so much tea before you want to puke.

Picture of me and my family

I said goodbye to my family and then edged through security. At the time I was unsure of how many security checks they would do. It ended up being quite a few security checks actually with a layover in Dubai.

The runway and the flights at Cape Town International

I had the pleasure of flying with Emirates for the first time. They really do offer excellent service.

Late at night at Cape Town International


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